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  • Ancon

    Our ANCON Sea Shadow lines are inspired by the ANCON AGC-4 Amphibious Force Command Ship. To pay tribute to this magnificent warship we created the Sea Shadow with different case materials including the aging BRONZE casing which is known to age with the owner to create a nice patina colour which is unique with characteristics. Like powering the AGC-4, we power our ANCON Sea Shadow using the Miyota automatic movement for its accuracy and reliability.

  • AudemarsPiguet

    Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet’s wrote the first pages in the rich history of our Manufacture, a place where tradition and innovation have come together for over a century. Audemars Piguet's tale is formed by scores of men and women who from past to present have perpetuated the pioneering spirit of its founding fathers through creations that have made an indelible imprint on the art of watchmaking.

  • Heroic18

    As a Panerai enthusiast, collecting Panerai and building straps are our major hobbies, with our interest and knowledge on leather, HEROIC18 was founded to share our passion and interest by offering a various collection of straps with the fusion of historic vintage style and high quality leather material exclusively for all Panerai.

    We highly emphasize five goals in our straps---premium in leather texture, outstanding workmanship, top level in comfort, modish design and reasonable prices.

    We strongly believe that the products you will see demonstrated here and over the coming future will be more and more fantastic and distinctive . So come to utilize our products to present your outstanding personality!



    Nethuns is found by a group of watch fanatics with the mission and belief to create robust and professional diver watches, using unique metals and materials and quality movements. The result of our creation is durable man-ware designed to last a lifetime.

    Nethuns in Etruscan mythology was the god of wells, water and sea. With this in mind our brand is dedicated to watches use at sea. Nethuns is mentioned on the Piacenza Liver, a third century bronze model. Our first model release the “ Nethuns BRONZO” made with a limited run of 299 pieces will be made in bronze. The Bronze material used in Nethuns watches are unique to us. It consist of a unique formula of Alloys of copper and tin. The result is a tone of alloys that is beautiful to look at when new and more stunning as it ages with its owner. The sub dials on each Nethuns Bronzo are also made using bronze. This mean the subdial is subject to color change over time to add character to each watch.

    It has taken over 2 years from the idea of Nethuns watch for us to materialise the brand. Built on the owners experience in watch making Nethuns are built to be worn by professional mariners. All Nethuns watches are hand made in Switzerland.

    All watches going out of our factory will be subject to a vigorous Quality Control. We want you to have a watch that you are happy with and one that you can truly rely on. If the rare occasion that experience any problem with your Nethuns, please contact us or our authorized dealers.

    Our watches will come with a 24 months limited international warranty.

  • Hublot
  • MWG

    Founded by Canadian Watch Connoisseur Dave Simmons, the founder of ZURINER, together with a fusion of Watches and Fashion Enthusiasts. MWG's design workshop is located at Vancouver, Canada.

    MOLARITY WATCH GROUP, or MWG, is rooted in quality watch making infused with a sense of fashion. MWG designs with versatility and fashion conscious trend setters in mind. MWG combines movements from world renowned experts such as Miyota, and ETA with unconventional designs by fashion designers to create a strong styling statement while retaining unprecedented reliability. Add to that a price point that encourages ownership of multiple MWG watches, it makes a MWG watch a must-have in everyone's wardrobe.

    A MWG watch is both a fashion statement, and a precision time piece

  • Panerai

    The OFFICINE PANERAI watches are a natural blend of Italian design, Swiss technology and passion for the sea.

  • Rolex
  • Vintage Rolex

    Narval Seven Watch passion for precision-built timepieces stemmed. NS team created to take the watch world by storm.


    To reach a world class standard, Narval seven® utilizes automatic movements and other high quality precisions parts, coupled with leading edge technology such as CNC and DLC, elevating the combination of classic design to an art form.


    Narval Seven®'s unique design conveys a sense of elegance and strength, classic design and modern technology. A fine example is the Narval Seven® Crown Guard, which marries contemporary design with outstanding protection of the crown and internal movements by reducing unnecessary pressure.


    Narval Seven prides itself on developing a new line of watches that can be appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts, as well as by men who appreciate the design and quality excellence.

  • Eight Dynamics

    EIGHT DYNAMICS  are Dress Watches, Casual and Sport Watches.

    Watches are used for a variety of tasks, from acting as a fashionable accessory to measuring distance or even oxygen intake.

    8D watches features a stainless steel with Glamorous Rose Gold-Tone, PVD 'Black'and Gun Metal 'Dark Gray'Coating case with Vertically Brushed Bezel.Automatic movements run almost identical but with one very important exception; unlike its predecessor, it does not require manual winding to operate.

    Sapphire Glass Crystal as it has the highest resilience to scratches and imperfections.All of our watch faces are specially designed and developed so that they go perfectly with the rubber/leather strap.

    8D Watch have the stylish, unique mutple layers dial.Watches has changed dramatically as new techniques and complications.We not only produce high quality watches, we produce watches with stylish design and special characteristics

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  • Model : Rolex SeaDweller Triple 6 Matte dial Ref : 16660 Movement : Automatic, Calibre 3035 Case : steel Condition : Mint Price : P.O.R Remark : This is rare transitional triple six sea-dweller Mark1 ref 16660 matte dial with nice cream matching patina. Watch is mint condition and come with correct Mark1 caseback still retained the ORIGINAL sticker. The...

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  • Model : Rolex Zenith Daytona Steel Ref : 16520 Movement : Automatic Case : Steel, T serial Condition : Mint Price : P.O.R Remark : Watch only in mint condition. Now Zenith Daytona is very hot in demand for rolex collectors. 

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  • Model : Rolex Submariner Pre Comex Non Date Ref : 5513 Movement : Automatic Case : Steel, 5.5mil Condition : Mint Price : P.O.R Remarks This Pre Comex 5513 matte dial could be left over dial from manufacturing Comex Ref 5513. Sharing the same characteristic fat rolex crown logo, depth rating FT and the only difference is merely no COMEX logo on Pre Comex...

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  • Model : Rolex Vintage Submariner Non Date Plexiglass Ref : 5513 Movement : Automatic Case : Steel, 7.3mil Condition : Good Price : P.O.R Remark : The 5513 Submariner Maxi dial Mark IV in nice condition. Now very collectible for Maxi dial submariner and hard to get in the market. It comes with heavy oyster links 6+5 with 580 endlinks 93150 bracelet.

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  • Model : Rolex Daytona Two Tone Ref : 16523 Movement : Automatic Case : Two Tone, N serial Condition : Good Price : P.O.R Remark : Watch is in good condition with NO box and paper, watch only. The price of 16523 two tone Zenith Daytona is still affordable compared to the steel zenith daytona ref 16520 which skyrock sharply.

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  • Model : Rolex Cosmograph Daytona WG Circa 2004 Ref : 116519 Movement : Automatic Case : White Gold Condition : Mint Price : P.O.R Remark : Watch is mint condition fullset with box and paper. This WG Daytona comes with custom made ceramic bezel which looks almost like the latest oysterflex Daytona ref 116519ln. Currently the watch is attached with RubberB...

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  • Model : Vintage Rolex Submariner Circa 1969 Ref : 5513 Movement : Automatic Case : Steel 2.6mil Condition : Good Price : P.O.R Remark : Watch is in good condition with nice matching patina dial with hands. It comes with folded type double lock bracelet. Watch only.

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  • Model : Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Oysterflex Ref : 116518LN Movement : Automatic Cal 4130 Case : YG 40mm Condition : Unworn Price : P.O.R Remark : This is the latest oysterflex yellow gold cosomograph daytona with rubber band. Watch is unworn condition fullset with box and paper.

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  • Model : Rolex Red Sea-Dweller Stainless Steel Ref : 126600 Movement : Automatic Case : Steel 43mm Condition : Unworn Price : P.O.R Remark : Watch is unworn condition fullset with box and paper

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